Revegetation Projects

By Highly Trained Alyeska Landscape Professionals Employees

Streambank Restoration

All Employees Are in Trained Streambank Restoration through the ADFG

Erosion Crontrol

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Installation of Wetland Plugs

Installation in Progress

Installation of Wetland Plugs

Successful Installation

Revegetation Projects

  • Installation of Native Wetland Plugs
  • Phytoremediation – Procurement, storage and supply of dormant native cottonwood and willow cuttings
  • Native Tree and Shrub Procurement and Installation – alders, willows, native white spruce, native birch, and native roses
  • Watering Maintenance
  • Erosion Control
  • Live Stake – Dormant willow cuttings, dormant willow live stakes, dormant balsam cottonwood stakes (PLAN AHEAD! We harvest per order. Orders must be placed seasonally by March 15th. )

Streambank Restoration

Employees of Alyeska Landscape Professionals are trained in Streambank Restoration course offered by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Some of our Streambank Restoration Projects:

Streambank Restoration Project – Healy, Alaska

The Alaska Railroad

Alyeska Landscape Professionals was hired by The Alaska Railroad for a streambank restoration project in Healy, Alaska. Alyeska Landscape Professionals installed coir logs with dormant willow live staking.

Resurrection Creek Vegetation Restoration Project- Hope, Alaska

Chugach National Forest – USDA

Alyeska Landscape Professionals is currently undertaking a vegetation restoration project along the newly restored Resurrection Creek stream corridor in 2023. This project involves sourcing and installing dormant willow live stakes along with locally sourced native plant materials to restore streambanks and wetlands.