Tree Planting Services

We handpick, deliver and install trees.

Alaska Hardy & Healthy Trees

Alyeska Landscape Professionals will handpick you the perfect tree!

Large Conifer Tree Planting

Coniferous and deciduous trees are our specialty.

Tree Installation

Trees & Shrubs Handpicked with Care

Here at Alyeska Landscape Professionals, we take pride in handpicking our trees for each job. We are detail-oriented in making our selection of which tree to plant at your location. Josh Meister, our founder & certified Arborist, is personally involved in each tree installation.


Please note: For tree removal, pruning, chipping, and stump grinding. We refer to our partner Pauls Tree Service

Air spade being used in preparation for bare-root installation on 3.5” caliper Cutleaf Weeping Birch.

The Tree Installation Process

Step 1:

We collect the appropriate tree genus and species for your site.

Sunlight availability, mature size, placement for screening, proximity to other trees, man-made structures, wildlife benefits, and equipment accessibility are all examples of factors considered for tree selection and placement.

Step 2:

We load the trees on trucks and trailers at the nursery and transport them with care.

Hair roots are covered with wet burlap and root balls are soaked with water before transport.

Step 3:

We use appropriate equipment (a rubber track skid steer and mini excavator) to plant the trees.

Burlap, wire baskets, and poly twine are removed from the root ball. We incorporate imported organics with the existing native soil to provide the ideal growing medium.

Step 4:

We stake the trees as needed and install water retaining wells. Each tree is double soaked/watered following installation.

We pay attention to every detail while planting the trees and give them a finished look.